Thursday, 26 April 2012

Assignment and Award


Rasanya dah lama tak update blog ni. Semenjak dah masuk balik semester baru yakni semester 2 awal bulan Mac yang lepas, memang rasanya susah even nak bukak blog sendiri even though almost tiap-tiap hari laptop. Konon-kononnya banyak assignment nak kena buat, tapi yang sebenarnya rutin tiap-tiap hari seperti baca paper online, baca blog politik, facebook dan sebagainya dulu. Assignment kemudian la. hihihi..

Ok. Right now I am at Proton Service Centre as my new Exora Bold needs to be checked its current health and the system as well. I bring my laptop along with me konon-kononnya nak buat assignment sambil tunggu, haha..yes I did writing my Managing People assignment just now, but currently I'm waiting for my best friend in INTAN to deliver to me some information and data that I need to 'fry' the assignment.

Talking about assignment, I would like to share with all of you my experience in completing group assignment on one of my favourite subject for this semester which is Corporate Strategic Management and Organizational Behaviour. Although the group consists of four students, I can say that almost 95% I done it myself. One of my colleague did give me his part of assignment in the early morning of presentation and delivering day. What the hack? haha...Luckily the information that he gave me is relevant to what that I need to complete the assignment. Although I just only took his point, and I rewrite all the paragraph, it was still Ok for me since he delivered although the duration he taken to do that is regrettable.

So, how about another two? haha...I can happily say that they were not contributing at all. Yes, that is the fact. However, I am not that cruel to deny their involvement and after I lectured to them on their attitude and behaviour, I would like to see changes come from them.

Begitulah, budak-budak ni, saya cukup tak boleh terima alasan kerja, kerja macam mana pun, kalau dah nak belajar kena la commit untuk sama-sama siapkan assignment.

Apapun, malam tu masa presentation, Alhamdulillah, Prof. tu sangat suka kerja yang saya buat. Report dan presentation, point yang diberi, critical thinking yang dibuat semua mendapat pujian daripada Prof. tu. Sehinggalah, Prof. tu punya ayat "In my teaching history, this presentation is the most memorable one". Wow! ahaha..bukan nak belagak, tapi rasanya itulah yang sebenarnya masters student kena buat. Make it as perfect as you can. Come out with your critical thinking. Do a lot of readings. InsyaAllah the assignment will be good since there is no right or wrong, we are all in learning curve. So, just do it.

One more thing to share. I was awarded Post Graduate Award for my achievement on obtaining 3.91 GPA in my first semester. InsyaAllah. Please pray for me to repeat the success in this 2nd semester and insyaAllah subsequently in my 3rd semester. My target is to obtain 4 flat insyaAllah for these two semesters.

Wah, my car is ready. So, till to see all of you again. InsyaAllah.