Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Syawal 2013


It has been more than a month tak update apa-apa dalam blog. Sibuk berpuasa dan beraya. Anyway Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua pengunjung blog ni. Maaf zahir batin daripada kami sekeluarga. Tahun ni kami beraya di Terengganu sahaja kerana nak kurangkan travelling since Zarifa cepat penat dan tak elok untuk dia travel jauh. Last weekend baru balik Penang for four days, beraya sambil makan..Fuhh...kenyang!!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

20 days after - Ramadhan Kareem


It has been 20 days since I last update my blog...Wow...haha...can I say it is because of my busy working schedule at office? at all. But at home, it is quite different compared to office where of course, with 3 girls at home + 1 mama of the girls - my time is occupied in attending them especially my litte cute Zarifa. She's having a flu with moderate cough which is actually not good considering her fragility and her critical heart condition.

I was in Kuantan last week, doing my job as a speaker for Bengkel Pengurusan Projek organised by RTM. It's a 'mashuk' style of job, hence, Alhamdulillah, its part of my rezeki for my family.

Congratulation to my younger brother - Hakim for finally completing and graduating in Mechanical Enginnering. My parents were in Belfast, UK attending his convocation last week and it also symbols the last family member graduating from the UK. So, there is no HD member in UK after Hakim completed his study and coming back for good. So right now we have 1 still reading medical in Surabaya, 1 in UiTM studying accountancy and 1 still in MRSM KT.

Ouh..Ramadhan Kareem...Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan bulan yang penuh berkat. May Allah gives us strengh and hopefully, we can increase our ibadat not only for this month but also for our entire life, insyaAllah. Ouh, my first princess Zahra completed his first fasting for this year without too many complaints, Alhamdulillah. Last year she only managed to complete 2 days fasting. However, for me, I'm not into forcing her to fast at this point of time rather than encourage and convince her to fast. The most important thing should be starting to pray 5 times a day. InsyaAllah.

Zahra in action during sahur

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bangkok Trip - October 2012


For today's entry, I would like to share with you, my experience in Bangkok, Thailand in October last year (2012). I went to Bangkok with UiTM's ISP 2 trip where it is part of our learning method; visit the place that where our project proposal will be based on.

The trip was exciting one since this is my first trip to the country. The most interesting thing is that I've been given opportunity by my lecturers to talk on behalf of the delegation pertaining to the Malaysia's development and construction industry. It is an honour for me since I've been given chance to speak before the host of the event, faculty members of Kasem Bundit University in Bangkok. Alhamdulillah, the talk went smoothly and I was able to finish my talk in 15 minutes time.
Me during the talk

This is PTD style of posing in front of Kasem Bundit University

We were lucky to have opportunity to visit many interesting places around Bangkok. However, the most important thing was we visited our main focus of the trip - which is Binapuri Berhad project somewhere around Bangkok. The visit took place at Binapuri’s site office in Phaholyothin Road, Bangkok. The project is Abstract Condominium with 1,020 units and value about 585 Mil Bath. The delegation was welcomed by Ir. Aruljothy Pahavan, General Manager of Binapuri (Thailand) Limited.

For the purpose of learning, I would like to share with the readers, my personal notes during the visit which in turn to be official report of the visit, been submitted to the FSPU's management.

: Among the lessons learnt that can be taken from this visit are:
i.     1. Venturing into other country is not an easy task compared to venturing in own country  since there is many dissimilarities between Malaysia and other country particularly Thailand. Thus, it is essential for any company to have deep understanding on the target country’s economic performance, political stability and social cultures in order to chart good business plan.
        2. The opportunity for investment especially in construction at Thailand is moderate. However, any company that wish to entry Thailand market needs to have comprehensive business plan that cover every aspect of business criteria, find the right partner as well as embracing the big picture. Hence, they can optimize return on investment and prolong their presence in Thailand.
         3. Any foreign company that has desire to explore and engage Thailand’s construction market need to understand and learn the local culture in terms of working culture, time management as well as relationship between the workers and its subordinates.
         At the end, I believe the visit to Binapuri's project was really beneficial it helps us in preparing our project proposal.

Half day was spent in Safari World Bangkok?
 Eager to try our own ride, me with couple of my friend tested Bangkok MRT in our way back to the hotel from Chatuchak Market. I found that Bangkok MRT is good and efficient. While current network of the MRT is still low, I was told that Thailand government is in the midst of expanding current network in order to serve the broad Bangkok city area catchment.

Thus, I also hope that our government can give a nod as soon as possible for our MRT line 2 (radial line) and line 3 (circle line) as soon as possible as our neighbouring country is aggressively expand their urban rail system network. Little bit my point of view with regards to this topic. I believe the most important thing is integration and coordination between urban transport modes. Since we have LRT (Ampang line and Kelana Jaya line), monorail, komuter, ERL and now MRT as well as the extension of both LRT lines, it is really crucial to ensure the excellent integration between all the transport modes as well as the feeder bus system. Only then, we will have efficient urban transport system.

Me and my friends enjoying our Bangkok MRT ride
I think I should stop here. Some works to do. Assalamualaikum.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Lazy Monday


Alhamdulillah. We still have been given opportunity from Allah to live in the world. As of me, it was quite exiting and enjoyable weekend as Zarifa seems ok and she also sleep well for the past 3 days. Alhamdulillah. During weekend, I also able to sit and teach Zahra on her Mathematics exercise. For Zahra, I think she must be accompanied by somebody in order to ensure that she will complete her exercise. This is really important since she will undergo class placement test at the end of year as it will determine her class in the school next year. Another one, Zulfa is always Zulfa. Happy kid and always beat her sister Zahra, smack down and also bite her. I don't know where she learn the action but it seems this little girl quite 'ganas'. Pity Zahra, always been 'buli' by Zulfa.

For today, I have some works to do and I think I must start back the work since I need to finish it before 5 pm. Otherwise, I'm not able to go back home early as usual.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Gintell Treadmill


Morning everybody. It seems that I should be more healthy and fit with my new Gintell treadmill. We brought it last week since there is promotion in injunction with Father' Day presentation for only RM 3998. My wife and I believe that this is a good deal and we brought it for 3 years payments. Less than 1week the machine arrived.

This morning I have tried use it runding for almost 3 km and Alhamdulillah the machine look fine and I am confidence with it. I tried to upload the puisi but seems problem to upload with my Tab. Later on I 'll try again.

Today is Saturday. I'm not sure what we are going to do today. Hope to have a good rest insyaAllah.