Monday, 17 June 2013

Lazy Monday


Alhamdulillah. We still have been given opportunity from Allah to live in the world. As of me, it was quite exiting and enjoyable weekend as Zarifa seems ok and she also sleep well for the past 3 days. Alhamdulillah. During weekend, I also able to sit and teach Zahra on her Mathematics exercise. For Zahra, I think she must be accompanied by somebody in order to ensure that she will complete her exercise. This is really important since she will undergo class placement test at the end of year as it will determine her class in the school next year. Another one, Zulfa is always Zulfa. Happy kid and always beat her sister Zahra, smack down and also bite her. I don't know where she learn the action but it seems this little girl quite 'ganas'. Pity Zahra, always been 'buli' by Zulfa.

For today, I have some works to do and I think I must start back the work since I need to finish it before 5 pm. Otherwise, I'm not able to go back home early as usual.


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